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Tharathai-shop is a massage table manufacturer

The design of our massage tables is born from our long experience in the woodworking industry and my numerous travels in Asia. Creating massage tables allows me to satisfy these 2 passions, woodworking and traveling in Asia.

It was in 2014 that we created tharathai, a Thai massage institute which is managed by my wife and tharathai-shop manufacturing workshop where all the furniture is created and made.

Our massage tables have evolved a lot over these 8 years and have been enriched thanks to the feedback from our many customers. The tables are adapted to the specificities of the profession of professional massage

Our workshop of more than 400 m² equipped with a woodworking machine allows mass production while maintaining artisanal know-how, The use of solid and warm wood such as Beech, Oak highlights the massage tables, the sections of feet, and important heddles bring a solidity, a resistance to the work of the intensive massage. The firm mattress without being hard optimizes the pressure of the masseuses without forcing during the treatment (in particular for the traditional Thai massage) this to keep the necessary energy all day of work in the institute. The simplicity and solidity of the fixing points makes assembly accessible to everyone.


Les Materiaux

The forest

With appropriate forest management, cut trees are constantly regenerating. The forester does not take more than what the forest produces Timber harvests are stable or even down. The trees taken promote the development of several others, which will later become as tall and majestic as their ancestors and will be home to just as much biodiversity. In addition to contributing positively to the challenge of ecological transition, it provides a noble and renewable material to meet needs. The wood sector replaces development models with a much higher carbon footprint important . The benefits are many!

The sawmill

Drying is done in special dryers with hot and humid air: This is the most commonly used. it effectively dries the boards and planks. The woods are stacked on pins, a current of hot and humid air passes between the boards and absorbs the humidity of the wood. the evaporation rate is tempered by the high humidity of hot air and has the particularity of not splitting the bois. Le Drying in a kiln makes it possible to maintain maximum humidity levels of 7% to 8% iseale for the manufacture of massage tables.

The forest
Coupe de bois
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Quality wood

Chêne                              Hêtre                            

A firm density of the mattress for maximum feeling of pressure during the massage. Color fastness, abrasion resistance to massage oils, easy to clean, flame retardant treatment, the fabrics meet the highest requirements.

 Virucidal and bactericidal.

Meets cytotoxicity standards.

Extremely fine grain
Pour une facilité d’entretien


BRUN                    ECRU                   NOIR                      

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